Harley-Davidson Front Brake Rotor “Dislike” Black 300 mm (11,8″)


FTK Series Brake Rotor

  • Stainless steel fully floating brake rotors
  • Outer brake ring features machined and painted rotor slots
  • Innovative design improves brake performance and helps cool the rotor faster during extreme use
  • The design gives maximum resistance to fade/warp from heat and mechanical stresses
  • Rotor design allows for better heat exchange
  • Rotor bobbins are stainless steel for efficient rotor “float” so the rotor will not warp and distort under extreme stress/heat
  • Stainless steel outer rotor rings are machined and the surfaces finished using a bi-lateral cross-textured grinding process that keeps rotor runout to no more than 0,01mm
  • Rotor weight and inertia are not increased compared to other brake rotor disc types; do not impede the motorcycle’s steering/handling characteristics
  • Very original style, great for customizers or to enhance the look on older stock bikes
  • Manufactured in Europe to ISO/TS 16949 certified standards that meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • ABE approved

COLOR/FINISH: Black| Stainless Steel

MATERIAL: 410 High-carbon Stainless Steel

OUTSIDE DIAMETER: 300 mm (11,8″)

SHAPE: Round


TYPE: Two-Piece (Floating)


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